Cally Trench and Mary Yacoob

Drawing Exchange (2018)

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In spring 2018, artists Mary Yacoob and Cally Trench took turns to make a drawing in ink and send it to the other artist in a Drawing Exchange.

Mary Yacoob, Drawing 1

Mary Yacoob, Drawing 1 (2018)

Cally Trench, Drawing 2

Cally Trench, Drawing 2 (2018)

Each drawing is 20 x 20 cm. Each artist used only two colours of ink, one of which had been chosen by the previous artist. The theme of the imagery and the mark-making is in keeping with the artists' shared interest in line-work, geometry and maps. The project's use of rules and restrictions relate to both artists' interest in order and chance, setting up boundaries and playing within them.

Mary Yacoob's drawings are partial tracings of urban spatial images found in newspapers.

Mary Yacoob's website and Mary Yacoob on Instagram.

Cally's drawings all map aspects of her domestic space.

Mary and Cally showed the drawings at the Only The Sunny Hours Open Day at OHOS, Brock Keep, Reading on 23rd June 2018, and formally exchanged the drawings after giving a short presentation about the project.

Mary Yacoob, Drawing 3

Mary Yacoob, Drawing 3 (2018)

Cally Trench, Drawing 4

Cally Trench, Drawing 4 (2018)

Mary Yacoob, Drawing 5

Mary Yacoob, Drawing 5 (2018)

Cally Trench, Drawing 6

Cally Trench, Drawing 6 (2018)

Mary Yacoob, Drawing 7

Mary Yacoob, Drawing 7 (2018)

Cally Trench, Drawing 8

Cally Trench, Drawing 8 (2018)

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