Only The Sunny Hours
Contemporary Photography with a Brownie 127

Curated by Cally Trench

Guy Tarrant

Only The Sunny Hours

Brownie 127 photography by Guy Tarrant

Guy Tarrant
'Aging Playground' Playground #2
Outer London
Black and white 127 film

Guy Tarrant writes: How clumsy and odd this camera is; it feels so ancient and primitive. Click and press and then wait a very long time to see what happens. A camera so reliant on sunny days, so hit-and-miss, what to take. A lifetime of mug shots and picturesque humdrum scenes. This camera seems to lend itself to the tonal and abstract world of aging things. As a teacher I am drawn to the school playground: a resilient surface etched with years of recreation and misdemeanours. A true children's storybook exposing ever-changing traces of play. I take the camera's bulky box outside to the playground and click at nothing in particular.

Guy Tarrant's Brownie 127 photographs have been included in Tracy Piper-Wright's photographic project In Pursuit of Error.

Guy Tarrant is an artist and teacher whose work focuses on children's resistant behaviours. His Confiscation Cabinets were shown at the V&A Museum of Childhood, London in 2013-14. He is involved in a long-term photography project entitled School-Scapes, which evidences resistant behaviours found within the school environment, for which he has received an arts award from The Julie Gomperts Trust, had photographs used in The O.U. Foundation Degree literature on Youth Justice, shown works at an international exhibition, A State of Un-Play, and curated a youth/community landscape exhibition through the Brighter Futures Programme in Romford. Guy is currently working on a series of litter and debris documenation works alongside Keep Britain Tidy.

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